ATTA All the Things API

An API for lists of things you might need

What is this?

This is an API for lists of data. Specifically, general information that can be structured in simple lists and does not change too frequently.

Can you give me an example?

Sure. Have you ever needed a list of all the countries and country codes for use in your iPhone app? Have you ever needed a list of all the Universities in the US for a form on your website?

These are the kind of lists I aim to provide.

What isn't this?

This will not be a place to find data that changes at a high frequency. For example, while I might provide lists of companies on the NASDAQ or ISO 4217 currency codes, I would not provide actual stock quotes or exchange rates as these change all the time.

What format are API responses in?

JSON natch.

Where does the data come from?

The Internet.

Who made this and why?

This is created and maintained by Erik Dungan (@callmeed). I created this because I often need these kinds of lists in my own personal and work projects.

I don't want to hit an external API just for this data?

Good, that's smart of you. I highly recommend caching or downloading the data locally to your software application.

If you're building an iOS app, consider storing it locally in a PList or Realm DB. If you're building a Rails app, maybe downlaod it locally to a YAML file.

Get Started

Here are some lists to get your started:

US Universities

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" ""